NGE Inaugurate 39 New Members, Installs 14 Fellows

By Nurat Uthman

The Nigerian Guild of Editors has inducted 39 new members and installed 14 fellows during its just-concluded conference in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

The fellows were installed Thursday night during a gala night organised by the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Umo Eno, while the new members were inducted on Friday.

Speaking while inducting the new members, veteran journalist and publisher of Newswatch Magazine, Ray Ekpu, urged the inductees to be good editors, adding that as editors they are important personalities who set the agenda for the government through the stories they publish.

Ekpu said, “The editor is the most important person in terms of decision-making in our industry. The editor decides what people must read, and what they consider important. They are the people who set the agenda for the government and the people of Nigeria by the choices of stories and the placement of those stories.

“Whether you decide you will publish or kill the story, that is agenda setting. So the people we are going to inaugurate today are going to be joining a privileged elite group in our industry. My advice to them is when you join the club, take it as a serious responsibility to be a good editor.”

He added that the role of the editor has increased tremendously, especially at this critical time of the nation’s history, adding that the editor’s role is very critical for the survival of the nation.

“Our country is at a very critical stage now. And the responsibility of the editor has increased tremendously because of the state in which we are. I don’t know whether we all appreciate our role, but our role is a very important one for the survival of this country. We are at the edge of a precipice and editors can control it, to develop the country or destroy it”, he added.

The President of the NGE and Editor of the Vanguard Newspapers, Mr Eze Anaba, urged the new members to help grow the guild.

“Those of us that will be inducted this night, I am to tell you that for the past three days, we’ve been here discussing the state of the nation and the state of our profession. After tonight, do well to be involved and help us to grow the Guild.

“Our country and profession are in a very delicate situation. Your experience and know-how will help us in charting the way forward,” Anaba said.

The Secretary of the Guild, Iyobosa Uwugiaren, disclosed that over 90 people applied to be members while only 39 were recommended.

“While selecting people for the Guild, let me let you know that over 90 people applied to be members. Out of the 90 applications, only 39 were recommended by the Screening Committee as new members. It shows those inducted today are very important to the Guild,” he said.

The new members were sworn in by a former President of the Guild, Mr Gbenga Adefaye.

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