Manko Foundation Builds 50 Boreholes Across Patigi LG

Fifty boreholes have been constructed at different locations in Patigi local government as part of efforts to address water problems in the local government, the Hassanat Attairu Manko Foundation (HAM Foundation), has disclosed.

The Foundation noted that steps have also been taken to impact lives and provide needed support which covers Health, education and agriculture while individuals and groups as well communities have also received necessary support.

A statement issued by the Head of Mission (HOS) of the Foundation, Mr Kolo M. Jerry listed locations where boreholes have been constructed in Patigi local government to include Kpada central Mosque, Kpada Tako 1, Alh Ndagi Kpada 1, Duro 1, Wako 1, Zduruta 1, Guluka 1, Kusoti 1, Nwogi 1, Emiworogi diadia 1, Zhigiko 1, Echiwada 1, Koro 1, Rogun 1, Latayi 1, Kusogi 1, Fey 1, Mawogi 1, Patigi l Pkarumagi 1 , Patigi II Efu gunzhi 1 , Patigi III LG.Quarters1 , Patigi lV Ragada 1, New Market Patigi 1, Makun Mosque 1, Dokoyiringi 1, Matokun 1, Tankpafu 1, Agboro 1, Gada Bozuwa 1, Lile 1, Lade 2, Rani 1, Esanti 1, Patigi ward I 4 No. ( EMIWOROGI 2, BOLOGI Primary School 1, MAGAJIN GARI Compound 1), Patigi ward II 2 No.(Aja Gogo Minna compound 1, Ibrahim Chata Sec. Sch. Corpers Lodge 1), Patigi ward III 4 No.( Alh. Gborigi Compound 1, Alh. Koro 1, Yanmakotu 1, General Hospital quarters 1), and Kpada ward I 1 No.( Duro village).

‘The Foundation has done this because we are concerned about the wellbeing of our people and communities and the entire Kwarans. We have decided to provide quality water because water is a basic necessity for the well-being of all human beings.

HAM Foundation is the brainchild of Alhaji Adamu Attahiru Manko , he established the Foundation with the aim of giving back to society and impacting lives , we are therefore excited to have done this. We have continued to construct more boreholes and some are underway in Patigi local government and other local governments in Kwara North and we would be extending this gesture of goodwill to other senatorial districts in Kwara state’ the statement added

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