Dankaka Vindicated As Former FCC Staff, Haruna Kolo Admits Involvement In Job-racketeering

Haruna Kolo, the former staff of the Federal Character Commission who gave evidence at the ad-hoc committee of the House of Representatives probing job-racketeering allegations against the Federal Character Commission (FCC) has been exposed to be the ring leader of the syndicate which deals in job-racketeering before the advent of Dr Muheebah Dankaka as the Chairman of the Commission.

This medium found out that he acted as IIPPIS Officer combined with Protocol duties for 10 years without being moved. Dr Dankaka, in her bid to fight the menace of job-racketeering, redeployed him and others in the syndicate and since then he has been looking for ways to ‘deal’ with her.

Staff and some Commissioners who spoke to this medium on Monday, stated that Kolo was the head of the syndicate when Dankaka resumed at the Commission.

“He was planted at the Commission to work as IIPPIS/Protocol Officer, hence he has access to the job slots. He was the head of the syndicate. He was at the post for 10 years before Dr Dankaka came and redeployed him in her effort to fight the menace of job-racketeering.

“Her (Dankaka’s) determination to fight job-racketeering in the Commission is being used against her now.

“When she came in, she bust the syndicate, redeploying the likes of Kolo and his ilks. Of course they vowed to deal with her,” a staff of the Commission said on Monday.

This medium learnt further that the evidence presented by Kolo at the hearing of the Committee was written for him by one of the Commissioners fighting the FCC Chairman.

“The evidence was written for him by one of the Commissioners fighting the Chairman but unfortunately for them, they shot themselves in the leg. They have indicted the man. How can a civil servant admitted to taking bribe.

“That guy called Haruna Kolo is gone. Admitting on camera that he was collecting money for job slots. He even admitted that the monies were paid into his personal account,” another staff told our correspondent.

It was obvious that Haruna Kolo was lying when he said he was paying money to the FCC Chairman. He could not prove the payment saying he was paying through Point of Service (POS). Even POS operators print receipts for transactions.

Investigations also revealed that Haruna Kolo lied when he said he gave cash to the FCC Chairman in her house. It was revealed that he didn’t even know where Dr Dankaka lives, not to talk of entering her residence.

“The guy is lying and he was being used by the few Commissioners working against the woman,” sources close to the Chairman told this medium.

The claim that he was being threatened was also found out to be untrue. This medium found out that it was Dr Dankaka herself that Hass once been attacked by unknown gunmen.

Our sources also confirmed that Commissioner from Lagos has once publicly threatened the FCC Chairman in her office that if she didn’t cooperate, they will use the system they use in Lagos to discredit her.

“We never know that they will go to this extent of importing somebody to come and lie publicly against her. But thank God, they’ve been exposed and at the end of the day, Haruna Kolo will bear the full weight of his offence,” our source added.

Investigations revealed that Haruna Kolo gave evidence based on what he was asked to say by the minority group of Commissioners working against the FCC Chairman.

This medium found out that two days before the sitting of the Committee, Kolo was always seen in the company of the Commissioners from Lagos and Osun states who are the arrowheads of the minority group.

“He was following them up and down and they were seen together and it was no surprise that he was ushered into the Hall to speak before members of the Committee by the Commissioner from Osun State,” our source added.

In all of these, the FCC Chairman, Dr Muheeba Dankaka remained calm, maintaining her innocence. “It’s a case of corruption fighting back,” she has maintained and she is being proved right.

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