Mohammed Ummi Salemat: A Stands For Rejuvenate The Norms For Kwara North Students

Afeez Saheed

Dear Kwara North Students

I brings you undiluted Salutation and greetings from the spirit of progressive Mindsets

Introducing Mohammed Ummi Selimat Spirit to serve and Mindsets to Ruvenate The Norms

Mohammed Ummi Selimat hails From Edu Local Government, Kwara State schooling at Kwara State Polytechnic

‘A true is that leader with progressive mindset and ready to serve”

Federation of kwara North Students as a unified body to promote unity and strength for nationalism amidst all Kwara Northerners.

Selimat has a proven track record of leadership and experience in various roles, having with full activeness both community association and students struggle.

Selimat has a clear vision for the future and a plan to achieve it and as such Mohammed Ummi Selimat is calling upon all kwara North Students to support her rejuvenate the Norms agenda

Upholding honesty, transparency, ethical conduct and progressive mindset towards Federation of kwara North is my major prior and together we can build the great home for better FKNS

Me, You and Us is the one to promote unity and strength for nationalism

Watch Out for Selimat
Support Selimat
Stand with Selimat

Mohammed Ummi Selimat is Ready to serve and Ready To Break Limits

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