[OPINION] LG Polls: A Call For Credible and Transparent Election In Kwara State

As a concerned citizen of Kwara State, I am writing to express my earnest desire for a free and fair local government election. The upcoming poll is a crucial opportunity for our state to demonstrate its commitment to democracy and the rule of law.

I strongly believe that a credible election is essential for the development and progress of our state. It is only through a fair and transparent process that we can ensure the will of the people is reflected in the outcome.

Effective local government is vital for the prosperity of our state, and elections are a critical component of this. By electing capable and accountable leaders, we can:

– Ensure the delivery of essential services like healthcare, education, and infrastructure
– Promote economic growth and development
– Enhance security and public safety
– Foster community engagement and participation

As the electoral body responsible for conducting and managing elections in Kwara State, I urge you to:

– Ensure the integrity and accuracy of the voter register
– Provide equal access to all political parties and candidates
– Ensure the security and integrity of election materials
– Train and deploy competent and impartial electoral officials
– Establish clear guidelines for voting and counting procedures
– Ensure transparency in the collation and announcement of results
– Provide a level playing field for all candidates
– Prevent any form of electoral malpractice, including vote-buying and violence

By fulfilling these responsibilities, you can guarantee a credible and transparent election that reflects the will of the people. This, in turn, will lead to effective local government, which is essential for the prosperity of our state.

The people of Kwara State are watching, and the world is watching. Let us make our state a shining example of democracy in action.

I urge the commission to be upright in discharging its responsibilities.

Engr Ridwan Elemosho 
Indigene of Babanla Town in Ifelodun Local Government

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