[OPINION] What Does MOK Mean To Kwarans and The Underprivileged?


By Temitope Muhideen (Convydence)

John Edgar Wideman is an Asa Messer Professor & Professor of Africana Studies and English. He is the distinguished author of nearly 20 books of fiction and non-fiction including, the novels, Two Fires; The Cattle Killling; and Philadelphia Fire. Wideman is the recipient of many awards and honors, including the O. Henry Award a MacArthur Fellowship, and the Lannan Literary Award for Fiction. He is the only individual to have won the Pen/Faulkner prize twice. Professor Wideman teaches a variety of courses including creative writing, literary criticism, and African-American literature.

In a conversation with Mitchell Jackson he said “ Too much is made for us; too much is given to us – even those of us who are underprivileged. The poverty is given to us. The difficulties are given to us. In reality, Wideman insisted that “ those who help the underprivileged are saving a country of hopeless people, such individuals will remain in the book of history. This is where Alhaji Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode (MOK) comes in.

What does MOK mean to the hopeless? In the last year, he has reinvented the spirit of hope in the lives of those who had almost given up on poverty, those who had sought help from their arch-enemy, changing their lives by supporting their business, granting them access to self-independent, purchasing of needed equipment to change the face of their businesses, to the beneficiaries it’s a big deal.

What does MOK mean to the underprivileged? Poverty is a societal failing and reflects the unfair treatment of others. In recent months, MOK has become a lifeline for the needy, providing them with essential food supplies, addressing their direct and indirect needs, and even covering school fees and examination costs for their children at various educational stages.

What does MOK mean to market women?
In the last five months, MOK has extended its outreach to market women, he has empowered them with cash, most especially the small-scale business owners, he made donations to victims of fire incidence, outing smiles on the faces of the aged, it was on this account that they named him “ANABI OWODE” to them MOK is a big deal.

What does MOK mean to vulnerable students? A troubled mind is a restless mind, at two different times, MOK has paid the examination fees of students in their hundreds: he sponsored the JAMB fee for over 250 students, paid the WAEC fee of over 135 students, paid BECE fee of over 200 students, paid school fee of students in various higher institutions, sponsored students for their masters program, to them, he is a life changer.

What does MOK mean to the sick? Health is Wealth, this was the belief of MOK when he partnered with various Primary Health Centres through his MOK Foundation, in the last 13 months he has subsidized the hospital bills of over 500 patients, and he has paid for the surgery of people he has no idea of their background, he has intervened in emergency situations, to the beneficiaries he is a lifesaver.

What does MOK mean to the youth of Kwara? Over the past few months, he has uplifted many young people through his kind gestures. He has provided non-refundable amounts to different youths to help them start businesses, purchased equipment for many, and put a number of youths on monthly stipends. He has also empowered many with contracts that will sustain them for a certain period. To the beneficiaries, he is considered to be God-sent.

What does MOK mean to politicians? He is multifaceted. He is quickly emerging as a symbol of hope in the realm of politics and is becoming an influential and respected voice. Many see him as someone who is actively contributing to the fight against poverty, while others view him as a potential threat. Importantly, he is addressing issues that many in positions of power have neglected. To some, he is serving as an eye-opener.

Temitope Muhideen is the publisher of Confidence News Nigeria and a member of Greenfield Library Limited, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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