Ekiti/Oke-Ero Students Honor Amofin Akogun’s Commitment To Academic Excellence, Humanity

The National Association of Ekiti and Oke-Ero Students, Kwara State Polytechnic Ilorin Chapter has honoured the President of the BTA Foundation, Amofin Titilope Akogun with an Award of Excellence.

The Award was presented to the President on Saturday, June 22nd, 2024, at Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin during a programme organized by the association with the theme,” The Emerging Trends On Social Media and its Effects on Students’ Mental Health.”

The organizers acknowledged Amofin Akogun’s noteworthy involvement in educational initiatives, empowerment programs, humanitarian efforts, support for self-reliant businesses, and social services within his community through the BTA Foundation, for a couple of years.

Receiving the award on behalf of the BTA President, Mr. Sola Adeyemi, appreciated the students for their recognition, assuring them that it was a propeller that would push the recipient to affect society more positively.

While reaffirming his commitment to empowering the youth and women in the constituency and beyond, he charged the students to be ambassadors of peace even as they go about studying in their various fields.

During his paper presentation, Amofin Akogun, through his representative, Mr. Oyeniyi Micheal, spoke on the dangers that come with young adults utilizing social media as well as the gains from social media, while charging the students to be ready to tap into upcoming life-changing initiatives of the BTA Foundation.

“However, today’s youth could benefit from proven individual and systemic interventions to help them navigate the challenges brought about by the use of smartphones and social media, protect themselves from harm, and use social media in a manner that safeguards their mental health, against a background of policy initiatives aimed at addressing the social, environmental, and economic factors that underpin family well-being and nurture youth resilience.”

He announced plans to further invest in supporting the education of students from his constituency, having previously provided scholarships for students at different levels of education under his “Igi Iwe intervention” program in previous years.

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