Kano Gov Orders Crackdown on Groups Promoting LGBT Rights

By Nurat Uthman

The Kano State Governor, Abba Yusuf, has said his government will not tolerate any group suspected to be promoting and advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights in the state.

The governor’s directive came on the heels of rising tensions over the activities of groups allegedly promoting same-sex marriage in the state.

The state Commissioner for Information, Baba Dantiye, made the disclosure to newsmen on Sunday in Kano, while addressing concerns of an alleged agreement by the Federal Government related to LGBTQ rights.

Dantiye said the state government will not accept any agreement that promotes the activities of gays and lesbians, as it contravenes the norms and values of the people of Kano and breaches the state’s moral standards.

The commissioner said the governor has mandated the Hisbah Board to crack down on groups promoting LGBT rights in the state. 

He said, “I spoke with the governor, and he expressed his disapproval of the said agreement, even though it has not yet been confirmed. He assured me that there is no room for LGBT activities in Kano.

“As you know, 98% of Kano’s population are Muslims by faith, and our religion is against this immorality, so we can’t accept it.”

On allegations of groups promoting LGBT activities in the state, the commissioner stated that the government has received citizens’ concerns, and the governor has ordered Hisbah to investigate and take action against these groups.

Dantiye also stated that there are ongoing consultations with religious leaders on how to curb such activities in the state.

He added, “We also discussed this with the governor, and he directed Hisbah to investigate and crack down on them. We will take legal action as appropriate.”

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