[OPINION] From Adversary To Ally: My Personal Experience with Femi Yusuf

By Comrade Mashood Lanrey Osho

Fellow Kwarans,unbeknownst to many of our people,the race for the 2027 governorship seat has already begun in kwara state,despite the incumbent Governor Mallam Abdulrahamon Abdulrasaq still having three years left in office to complete his tenure and handover to whoever that emerge in 2027  the ball is in Kwaran court only if they realize how powerful their fingers are.

Our governor, who has been dubbed a ‘diaspora governor,’ has spent an inordinate amount of time outside the state, prioritizing external engagements over local matters. Notably, he was absent from the flag-off ceremony of the over 1000-kilometre   Sokoto-Badagry superhighway project being executed by president Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration.at banquet hall, opposite the Government House in Ilorin last week,and also failed to show up during the APC local government primary election, outcome of the primary that  led to a crisis among the contestants and party leaders. This lack of presence and engagement has raised concerns about his commitment to the state’s affairs that’s party affairs let me leave that for them to ponder.(laugh).

Politicians often focus on their next election from day one in office ,even when they haven’t delivered on their current promises. It’s time for the electorate to wise up, take a closer look, and realize the significance of the upcoming local government election in kwara state. We must sit down, think deeply, and make informed decisions, as this election will shape the future of our state. I have had my fair.

I’m planning to write my third book, which will chronicle Governor Abdulrahamon Abdulrasaq’s eight years in office. I’m confident that this book will be a bestseller, and I intend to launch it in December 2026. While I haven’t started writing the manuscript yet so don’t engage me.( laugh)I’m committed to sharing my perspective on the governor’s tenure. Currently, I’m focused on my academic pursuits, including my MSc and PDE in Education, as well as other programs. Despite my busy schedule, I’m determined to write this book, which I believe will serve as a valuable resource for Kwarans ahead of the 2027 election. insha-Allah, I hope to complete this project and share my insights with the public.

Sorry for my preamble that has been my way of written let me now deliver on today business. As an human rights activist, anti-corruption crusader, and public policy analyst in Kwara State, I have had my fair share of disagreements with you, Femi Yusuf  the newly elected APC party Chairmannship Candidate for Ifelodun LGA . However, despite our  differences particularly on Governor Abdulrahamon Abdulrasaq Government in kwara ,I have come to know you as a dedicated and passionate individual who is committed to serving and protect your party interest , or philosophy in kwara state you’re truly a party man.

I recall our first meeting at Royal FM, after my weekly radio program, where you introduced yourself and offered to help us secure sponsorship for our program. Through your efforts, Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi began sponsoring our program, and has continued to do so to this day. You also honored my invitation to the launch of my first book in December 2021,”Frantic View of an Accidental Vendor.” Although you couldn’t attend the launch of my second book last year December, you explained your reasons and reaffirmed your commitment to maintaining relationships despite political difference’s is what I cherished most in you.

Furthermore,following the public hearing on the amendment of the Kwara State Local Government Law at the Kwara State House of Assembly few months ago,despite our opposition to the proposed changes, Honorable Femi Yusuf approached me, Fatimah Bintu Dikko , Comrade Comr Gambari Volvo , and Abdurrazaq Olayemi , and you invited us to your office for a further discussion on the future of Kwara State where I notified you of launch of my second book.This gesture demonstrated your commitment to building bridges and fostering relationships, even across political divides and interestingly civil society organizations.

If elected I will urge you to prioritize the report of the Citizens,  Enlightenment and Mobilization Program (CEMP) by ENetSuD. This report highlights the need for greater transparency and inclusiveness in governance, and I believe that you have the potential to make a positive impact in this regard.

Ifelodun LGA is one of the local governments in Kwara State that has been battling insecurity, ranging from kidnapping to infrastructure deficits. As the largest LGA comparing with Baruten LGA the two LGAs have the capacity to feeds the whole kwara state if not beyond if it’s well manage, they’re   blessed with mineral resources, arable lands and human resources you must prioritize human capital development and the security of your people should be paramount to you without security nothing can be achieved I wish you all the best if elected.

You should recruit more vigilantes, like Baruten and Kaima does, to ensure the safety of citizens. The CEMP report is available to assist you, and I expect you to make good use of it if elected.

Let’s charge you to perform and make a difference in the lives of the people of Ifelodun LGA. Remember, power are wtransient, and it’s how we use it that matters. I won’t hesitate to drag you if you fail, and I’m sure you know that. God forbid you fail, but I have faith in you to do the right thing.


Comrade Mashood Lanrey Osho is a Human Right Activist, Anti-corruption Crusader, Public Policy Analyst and Author of two different books.

9th of July 2024.

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