Ebonyi Govt Starts Upgrade of Chuba Okadigbo Airport’s Runway

By Nurat Uthman

Ebonyi State Government, Friday said it has commenced the upgrade of the Chuba Okadigbo’s Airport runway to international standard as way of averting air crashes.

The State Commissioner on Aviation and Technology, Dr. Ngozi Obichukwu, said that expatriates have been contracted to carry out the upgrade of the Airport runway.

Obichukwu noted that the upgrade of the Chuba Okadigbo’s Airport runway, from concrete to standard asphalting, is to enhance the operation of foreign airlines and other flight movements at the airport.

She said that Governor Nwifuru engaged a good number of security agencies to protect lives and properties, especially the travellers, and assured the foreign airlines of adequate safe landing at the Airport.

Obichukwu said: “The runway is concrete, instead of asphalt. That’s why Governor Francis Nwifuru quickly dispatched experts who are knowledgeable in the construction of runways to see how the runway can be upgraded to international standards.

“The expatriates are here and as you can see, they are working tirelessly to ensure that the runway meets international standards. The United Nigeria Airways landed here and requested that the concrete be upgraded to standard asphalting.

“Governor Francis Nwifuru has opened discussion with CCECC and CDC construction companies to ensure that the runway is constructed to international standard.”

She called on the travellers to be patient, as the runway upgrade will soon be completed, adding that: “Chuba Okadigbo’s airport has overtaken other Airports in South East region, therefore, the need for an upgrade cannot be overemphasized.”

Obichukwu however, applauded the Governor for the payment of five (5) months’ salaries to over five hundred (500) Airports staff, that were recruited by the previous administration in the state.

“We commend the governor for the payment of salaries to over five hundred (500) Airport staff that were recruited five months ago by the previous administration.

“We also commend his pro-activeness and determination to ensure that Ebonyi is on the road map/ World Map of Airways. And that’s why he quickly engaged these expatriates and by tomorrow, the technical officers are commencing work, to ensure that the runway is perfectly in order” she stressed.

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